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Tomorrow: one night only!!!
May 6, 2011, 8:56 pm
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12/11/10 So So Happy Raffle at Meltdown!
December 10, 2010, 8:27 pm
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So So Happy, Meltdown & The TINY too Show want to love you up!
December 10, 2010, 4:45 pm
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On Saturday 12/11/10, Meltdown’s new Pop-up Store So So Happy wants you to meet some new Monsters!

Cute, quirky & utterly huggable! Come see Ozzie, Mad Dog, Lulu & others in the flesh/plush. Take them home to your children, or if you don’t have children, pretend THEY’RE your children… that’s what I do…

To help get y’all acquainted, So So Happy is giving away a HUGE gift basket with a hoodie, tee, plush, skate deck, and all their other goodies (retail value $200)!!!

To win this amazing booty, you must be 18 years or older. Raffle tickets are available at Meltdown all day Saturday.

Every person that comes in on Saturday open to close
(11 a.m. to 9 p.m.) can have ONE ticket.
Every person who makes a purchase at Meltdown gets TWO tickets
Every person who purchases SOSO Happy gets THREE tickets

See you tomorrow!

Tomorrow brings the TINY too Madness: 12/11/10
December 10, 2010, 4:06 pm
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From Chris Stangl’s blog:The Exploding Kinetoscope

The TINY TOO SHOW exhibition at Gallery Meltdown showcases eensey-scale work (three inches or smaller) from some thirty-plus artists. Yours truly will also be in the show, and as per usual, the peripheral reason to mention this here is that my pieces are movie-culture-related. As the show is a one-night-only, cash-and-carry affair, the bulk of the art is available for perusal and purchase in the preview catalogue <— linked right here. Among these little gems is something for every budget, and as they take up less wall space than a commemorative $2 bill, make excellent holiday gifts. Direct purchase inquiries to Gallery Meltdown staff, at the links above/below, in person or by phone.

The TINY TOO SHOW goes up on December 11, 2010 from 6 P.M. to 9 P.M., in the gallery space of Meltdown Comics, 7522 W. Sunset Blvd., 90046. Those peculiar persons for whom Wednesday is not synonymous with “New Comics Day” often ask “Where on Sunset is that? I’ve never seen that,” and the answer is “West Hollywood, somewhere between the In-N-Out and that Griddle Cafe place that cooks Oreos into pancakes.”

Updated Daily: The TINY too Show Preview Catalog
December 7, 2010, 6:24 am
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the TINY Too show

Thank you for your interest in the show.

Please feel free to contact us for bigger images of specific pieces or if you have any other questions.

Gallery Meltdown
7522 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 851-7223

1. by Ryan Berkley        $75
2. by Ryan Berkley        $75
3. by Ryan Berkley        $75
4. by Ryan Berkley        $75

5. by Chrystal Chan        $50
6. by Chrystal Chan        $100

7. by Jehan Choo        SOLD
8. by Jehan Choo        SOLD

9.   by Bob Dornberger    $300
10. by Bob Dornberger    $150
11. by Bob Dornberger    $225

12. by Rob Faucette    $50
13. by Rob Faucette    $50
14. by Rob Faucette    $50
15. by Rob Faucette    $50

16. by Renee French    SOLD
17. by Renee French    SOLD
18. by Renee French    SOLD

19. by Kirsten Gabbe    SOLD
20. by Kirsten Gabbe    SOLD
21. by Kirsten Gabbe    $30

22. by Jessica Hlavac    $300
23. by Jessica Hlavac    $300
24. by Jessica Hlavac    $300

25. by Aya Kakeda        $80
26. by Aya Kakeda        SOLD

27. by Kaz            $200
28. by Kaz            $200
29. by Kaz            $200

30. by Ben Kehoe        SOLD
31. by Ben Kehoe        SOLD
32. by Ben Kehoe        SOLD

33. by Hilary Key        $100
34. by Hilary Key        $80

35. by Matt Key        $50
36. by Matt Key        $50
37. by Matt Key        $50

38. by Leslie Levings     $250

39. by Tony Millionaire     $450

40. by Miriam Schulman    $150
41. by Miriam Schulman    $150
42. by Miriam Schulman    $150

43. by Dylan Sprouse    $99
44. by Dylan Sprouse    $75 (IMAGE PENDING)

45. by Jennifer Tong    $55
46. by Jennifer Tong    $60
47. by Jennifer Tong    $60
48. by Christopher Umana    SOLD

49. by Steven Weissman    SOLD
50. by Steven Weissman    $63
51. by Steven Weissman    $63

52. by Christian Breitkreutz    $40
53. by Christian Breitkreutz    $40

54. by Neil Kapit    $5

55. by Chris Stangl    SOLD
56. by Chris Stangl    SOLD
57. by Chris Stangl    SOLD
58. by Chris Stangl    SOLD



59. by Kozyndan    $100
60. by Kozyndan    $100

61. by Nicole Bruckman $100


Jennifer Lewis
Holly Payne
Alice Pine
Shannon Prynoski
Jon Schnepp
Alix Soubiran
Julianna Swaney

This Saturday: The TINY too Show!
December 6, 2010, 6:36 pm
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The TINY too Show at Gallery Meltdown: 12/11/2010
November 29, 2010, 11:22 pm
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The TINY too Show at Gallery Meltdown

Saturday, December 11th. 6-9 p.m.
Cash & all the tiny art you can Carry! Prices range from $20-$450.
Please come see these tiny treasures in person, ONE NIGHT ONLY!

Original art by:

Ryan Berkley
Christian Breitkreutz
Nicole Bruckman
Chrystal Chan
Erica Cho
Jehan Choo
Bob Dornberger
Rob Faucette
Renee French
Kirsten Gabbe
Jessica Hlavac
Aya Kakeda
Neil Kapit
Ben Kehoe
Hilary Key
Matt Key
Leslie Levings
Jennifer Lewis
Tony Millionaire
Holly Payne
Alice Pine
Shannon Prynoski
Jon Schnepp
Miriam Schulman
Alix Soubiran
Dylan Sprouse
Chris Stangl
Julianna Swaney
Jennifer Tong
Christopher Umana
Steven Weissman
Emperial Young
Jaime Zollars

Original art by Dylan Sprouse.
Dylan’s vinyl toys & art prints–All Meltdown exclusives.

Christmas shopping made easy!

Gallery Meltdown is in the back of
Meltdown Comics
7522 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

(323) 851-7223