Gallery Meltdown

A Murder of Crows: list of Artists

A MURDER OF CROWS: A Children’s Primer

New Works Based on Terms of Venery

Collected by Linda Pine

Curated by Linda Pine & Nicole Bruckman

October 3, 2009

Gallery Meltdown

7522 West Sunset Boulevard

Los Angeles, California 90046


an Army of frogs:  NICK GALLO

a Bale of turtles: JEHAN CHOO

a Charm of bees: STEVEN WEISSMAN

a Dray of squirrels: RYAN BERKLEY


a Fry of eels: CHRIS STANGL

a Gaze of raccoons: RENEE FRENCH

a Husk of hares: KELLY VIVANCO

an Implausibility of gnus: MATT KEY

a Journey of giraffes: JASON POLAN

a Knot of toads: LESLIE LEVINGS

a Leash of foxes: DAN MAY

a Murder of crows: RICHARD SALA

a Nye of pheasants: KIRSTEN HUNTLEY GABBE

an Ostentation of peacocks: NICOLE BRUCKMAN

a Pod of narwhals: HILARY KEY

a Quiver of cobras: CYRUS FIRE

a Rout of snails: BOB DORNBERGER

a Shoal of squid: DAVE COOPER

a Troubling of goldfish: ERIC SKILLMAN

an Ugly of walruses: ALICE PINE

a Volery of birds: TIM BISKUP

a Vespiary of wasps: GABE LEONARD

a sneak of Weasels: JESSICA VAN HULLE

a span of oXen: JULIANNA SWANEY

a set of Young oysters: PHOEBE GLOECKNER

a Zeal of zebras: JENNIFER LEWIS


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