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September 23, 2010, 6:23 am
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Introducing Slug Girl by Renee French x Meltdown (with Sculpt by Monster5)

T’was the sculpt-image of the (Masked) SLUG GIRL by Japan sculpt master Monster5 which first grabbed my attention, which in turn led me to track down artist (and Slug Girl-creator) Renee French, for a little Q&A about her upcoming quirkmazing* 4 inch tall toy figure, who happens to be scheduled for a release at a show in Meltdown, L.A. on November 27th! Masterminded by Meltdown Comics, the first edition of the Slug Girl is limited to 100 pcs.

CLICK THRU to find out more about SLUG GIRL! (*quirky+amazing)

TOYSREVIL: Who is the Slug Girl? Is she based on one of your drawings? Or an all original made-for-toy creation?

RENEE FRENCH: She’s based on a drawing that was part of a series of little girls and rabbits with various ailments and prosthetics for a gallery show in Tokyo and then the book Edison Steelhead’s Lost Portfolio published by Sparkplug Comic Books. She’s the shyest one in the series of drawings.

TOYSREVIL: What can you tell us about the coming release, featuring the sculptwork of Monster5? I believe it is in November?

RENEE FRENCH: The first edition will be of 100 figures, 4 inches tall, made of a secret material and released during a November 27th show at Meltdown, in LA. Monster5 did a crazy, ultra amazing job of sculpting her.

TOYSREVIL: More colorways to come, or just that one color edition release?

RENEE FRENCH: the colors will be revealed at the release.

TOYSREVIL: Looking forward to be seeing them! How did the toy come about?

RENEE FRENCH: Gaston from Meltdown in LA and I have been talking about making a toy for years. I have always wanted to turn one of my characters into a 3D thing, and Gaston passed on my drawings of Slug Girl to Monster5.

TOYSREVIL: That’s awesome! And congratulations on the impending release of the amazing Slug Girl, Renee! In closing, please do share with our readers, Who Is Renee French?

RENEE FRENCH: I make comics and picturebooks, for Picture Box Inc, Top shelf Comix and SparkPlug Comicbooks, and i’ve got a new book coming out called H DAY in October, and my book THE TICKING is back in print … oh, my daily image blog is


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